Search Engine Optimization

Increasing online visibility.

SEO Application

Achieving top ranks in search results in more relevant traffic and clients.

Optimizing SEO is necessary in a highly competitive market to get ranked higher. We constantly keep up with the latest SEO trends to make sure websites stay on top of their game.

Our customized WordPress themes come with SEO automation integrated. In an ever changing landscape, its implementation allows for adjusting according to new standards.

While automation generally works for the majority of websites our CMS allows for deep SEO customization when needed.

We can take care of your SEO for a low monthly flat fee. We provide the following services for SEO:

No More Keywords

Search engines have become a lot smarter. It's not necessary anymore to include and repeat specific keywords, as search engines will automatically find synonyms in your articles. In fact, keywords have proven to be counterproductive.
Instead of keywords, search engines now look at topics, making well written content more relevant than simply mentioning the same words over and over.

Website Structure

Structuring your site to be more friendly to search engines is essential to achieve a higher ranking. Search engines score sites based on speed, user friendliness and UX design.

We apply industry standards to all websites we build.


By marking up content with structured data from the protocol the results on search engines will display rich snippets, such as: reviews, recipes, product images, location details and more.

Better visibility results in better conversion.


A critical area that is often overlooked is content. Search engines rank websites with original and relevant content higher. In the end, this is what influences ranking the most: Original and well written content.

We will develop and edit your web content to increase engagement and visibility.